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Yesterday was a good day. In fact, not just a good day, but an abso-ruddy-lutely fan-frickin-tastic day!

It was the last day of my son’s three-day mountain-biking course at Glentress. For the third day in a row we packed up the car, stuck the bikes on the roof and headed down to Peebles in the rain.

I dropped Archie off at the Buzzard’s Nest car park, leaving him in the safe hands of his Ridelines instructors, and headed back down to the bottom car park, as the kids were due to finish their course at the café.

This gave me the opportunity to have a go at the full red route. I’ve done most of it, but never managed to complete the whole thing. The last time I tried, my seat snapped off, half way around!

I only had two-and-a-half hours, so I didn’t hang around! I slogged up the hill and continued on past the Buzzards Nest car park and didn’t stop for a rest until I reached the very top, just before the Spooky Wood descent. Pretty good going for me!

It is only my third time out on my new, full suspension bike and I was looking forward to this bit!

I chickened out at the first drop-off (as usual), but then, I thought, “No, I’m sodding well going to do it!”. I turned around and went back to the start and set off again, and this time, I just went for it.

I landed smoothly, didn’t crash even a little bit, and from then on felt much more confident about riding the jumps and drop-offs that ensued.

It reminded me a little of learning to swim. I fell in the deep-end one day and that was it. I could swim. Happy days!

The full red route was well worth the effort. It did take a lot of effort. About 3,000 calories worth of the stuff, according to my fitness band! The uphill slogs are made worthwhile, by the fun to be had with the challenging downhill sections.

I made it back to the café, with enough time to enjoy a coffee and a Stoat’s bar, before the noise of a gaggle of kids signalled the arrival of the Ridelines group.

Archie was delighted with his day too. The other 2 days had been a bit of a challenge for him – he REALLY doesn’t like ascending! Today, they had only done one uphill and then the rest was all down.

So, happy Archie and happy Dad. We headed up the road and washed our bikes together at the end of a fab day.

But wait! It wasn’t over yet. Just as we finished, my pal rolled up outside our house in a lovely yellow Lexus LC 500h (He works for Lexus Edinburgh). What a stunning car.

He allowed me to take it for a drive and it is a really impressive machine and I don’t even need to add the obligatory, “…for a hybrid”, to the end of that sentence!

I don’t think I’ve ever driven a car that turns so many heads. Kids were shouting “Nice car, Mr!” Posing really isn’t my thing, so it probably isn’t for me (er, at £83,265, it definitely isn’t for me!), but it was a fabulous experience. Thanks, Scott!

So, that was the end of my brilliant day, well, after a few beers and a lot of car chat with Scott!

Just brilliant!!!