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Last time, I is sayin’ dat me be settin’ some goals for da year.

Me bin doin’ ok at dem.

Me ‘bout halfway thru da Digital Marketing Nanodegree. Learnt’ loads an’ keen to implement dem findings – startin’ wit me own business!

Noo website comin’ very soon. Den, me gonna’ start marketin’ da s*** out of it! So watch out on all yo social channels, ‘cos 39steps is gonna be chasin’ ya ‘bout da web, ’til ya hasta give in.

Oh yeah, mudsucka’s! Me be all ‘bout da lead generation. Client capitulation for da nation, er… easing frustration, betta situation, no price inflation, etc.

Oh, and the other goals? Can’t remember what they were – never mind. Toodle-pip!