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In July, I went cycling around Singapore in 30-degree heat, completely by choice, of course. Despite some mild sunburn on my right forearm, it was quite an enjoyable experience. It’s surprisingly cooling on a bicycle, I found, scooting along at up to 12 mph. You can see a lot more than if you’re on foot or in a car. Having bought a collapsible bicycle, it was easily condensed into a neat mechanical bundle that could be taken on the MRT, which is handy for when you’re running late to that next super-important dinner engagement — or if you’re simply dying from the stifling heat and 90% humidity, and would rather continue the journey in an air-conditioned train.

On the way back through Mumbai, I managed to pick up a stuffed toy monkey, just the sort of thing the 39steps office needs more of. It now adorns the end of my desk in a permanently lackadaisical pose.

August saw the usual Fringe Festival frivolities on Edinburgh’s doorstep. Lots of tourists were enjoying the atmosphere of “Edin-burrow” (or so I heard). I remember watching an Hawaiian lady perform with hula hoops up a 10-foot pole. The said pole was cleverly disguised as a palm tree, much to the amusement of hundreds of onlookers. It was a good street performance, well worth the £10 I was encouraged to give.

If you’re like me and like to mess around with CAD, you have to check out Autodesk’s Fusion 360. It’s fun, cool, and it’s free! In fact, I’d go as far as to recommend it.