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Team T were lucky enough to be part of the few (well, 50,000!) who got to walk over the new Queensferry Crossing earlier this month. Having admired it from afar during the build, it was great to be able to see the stringy bits up close (they are the width of a small child – I know this as I measured one against the other). An amazing feat of engineering and one we can all be proud of. Trivia fact: The Forth is the only stretch of water in theworld that has 3 working bridges spanning it that were built in 3 different centuries. Isn’t that great?!

In other news, our charity, Kids Love Clothes,experienced another record month last month, clothing over 176 local children from struggling families. So far this year, we’ve given a wardrobe’s worth of quality donated clothes to over 1000 children across Edinburgh and the Lothians, and that’s before we get into the busy winter season… Thanks to our friends and clients who already support our work by organising sort days, collections and fundraising – you really are helping to make a difference! And if you’ve read this far and are wondering how to help a tiny, local, entirely volunteer-led charity, please get in touch and let me know!