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We’ve been working working away on a brand identity and  web design project this summer, for the luxury cat hotel, Catseye Cattery! Michael and Helen Dickson have been running the business for 10 years, and after their existing agency disbanded, it was time to find a fresh pair of eyes to help them update their look and feel.

Cattery brand identity refresh – just purrfect.

Our designer Eri illustrated a hand-drawn cat as the motif. This conveys the fun times, care and comfort that owners can be assured of at Catseye cattery. Michael & Helen loved the idea, mentioning how much our motif cat reminded them of their beloved cat, Lily. Sadly, Lily passed away last summer but we’re so pleased that she lives on in the new identity for Catseye!

We devised several potential tag lines for the revised Edinburgh brand, and after some customer research, we all settled on “Your cat’s home from home”. It took a lot of effort to avoid using “purr-fect”!

Cat hotel website launched!

Team39 were delighted to launch the new Catseye Cattery website, full of photos, tips and advice for cat lovers. The cattery web design project also included integrating an online booking system, keeping things simple for flustered cat owners looking for the best place to put their cat while on holiday.

Great clients who run an equally great cattery

We’ve got a special mention for Michael & Helen, who brought cakes and smiles to our studio every time they popped in. Our whole team hope you realise how much we’ve enjoyed working with you! Through every stage of this project, you’ve been an absolute delight. The cat-owners amongst us now know exactly which cattery we’ll be checking our feline friends into when we’re due our next holiday!

If you’re looking for cat accommodation in the Edinburgh area we genuinely don’t think there is anywhere that can match Catseye Cattery. For service, cleanliness and good old-fashioned customer service, they’ve got it licked!

Photo of Michael Dickson, owner of Catseye Cattery

What they say…
“Having had a truly awful experience with our previous Glasgow – based web design agency – it has been a joy to work with this experienced, energetic and diligent bunch of awesome cool dudes!! As our new website and branding project nears it’s conclusion – we look forward to continuing a great working relationship! Big fat gold star especially to Eri.”
Aw, thanks Michael!
If you’re looking for a refreshing new spin on your Edinburgh brand, get in touch with us now, here at 39 Steps to see how we can help you.