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Pootling around Edinburgh on the bicycle offers up some wonderful Instagram opportunities. The Royal Yacht Britannia, for example, can be found conveniently parked right outside Debenhams. The easily-accessible food court at Ocean Terminal isn’t quite up to monarchical standards, but is sufficiently stocked to provide relief for hungry passengers.

When it comes to building empires (of a sort), one might indulge their time in Cities: Skylines, a city-building game much like SimCity, except without the disasters associated with the release of its 2013 incarnation. You get all the usual city stuff, like trees, roads, footpaths, bridges, buses, trains, wind turbines, water pipes, houses, skyscrapers, etc. — and a huge area to build on.

Liam recommends a train cab view of the Yurikamome Line whilst listening to Tangerine Dream: