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Bit of a challenge with employee engagement? It could be worth considering enthusing and reinvigorating teams with refreshed brand, based on real meaning.

When people think of branding agencies or creative agencies, they don’t think ‘oooh, employee engagement’! Rather, it’s more usual to think it’s all about pretty pictures, colours and football tables.

…the bit that gets ME out of bed in the morning is being able to help a business owner or senior management team, identify what makes them tick, rediscover what makes them special, and then get excited about explaining that to the rest of the team. Because then, that team actually gets on board as well. And the ones that are not on board get off the bus at some point, and the others are then actually acting as ambassadors for that business again.

Fundamentally, you have three audiences really in any business organisation:
– your people that work there
– your customers
– your associates, suppliers and ambassadors

But the easiest and quickest way to build momentum again, bring in the right kind of leads AND also the right kind of talent – if you have a recruitment issue – is to make sure that your people are enthused.

It could be something as simple as listening to them as to what uniform they’re wearing. Do they actually like it? Is it on brand? Do they really believe and what they stand for? Can they recite values that they actually think means something?

That kind of thing. We love helping a business get to that point.

Employee engagement is an employer / employee win/win situation. Which, in turn, can result in exponential business benefits such as increased productivity, lead generation and a better experience all round for your clients, so they keep coming back. So, considering a rebrand could reinvigorate you, your team AND lead to potential new business.

Want to find out how a rebrand may work for your team? Get in touch with our Julie.