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Like most things in life, there’s tons we can do ourselves.

But just because we can, doesn’t mean we should, right?

I could cut my own hair. I could respray the scratch on my car. I could, at a push, stick a fence up (wonkily). I could even write my own HR policies.

Most of us don’t have the skill, or would choose to do something else with it. Like, play with the kids. Have great conversations with clients. Cook a bangin’ curry. Or doodle.

Many business owners will readily invest £ in their physical spaces – good for team wellbeing and giving the right impression to visitors.

However, given that even less people are meeting in person post-Covid, a company’s online presence matters even more so.

Your site is the go-to place for prospects to:

a) see social proof that you can do what you say you do
b) find out if you’re a good fit for them and
c) get in touch

Sure, there’s a ton of templates out there to download and play with. Countless You Tube videos to guide you, too. But those templates are exactly that – formulaic structures that many other folk are using. So if you’ve specific functional requirements, you may well run into an issue.

Don’t get me wrong – the template route definitely suits plenty of micro and small businesses. In fact, we’ve signposted certain prospects to some great off-the-shelf options, when the budget isn’t there to service what they really want / need.

But for serious business owners who value theirs and their team’s time, doing what they actually do, having experts design and build their company’s online shopfront – the main asset in many a company’s marketing toolkit – makes infinite sense.

Afterall, I don’t cut my own hair…