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Well, that’s an alarming headline if ever we’ve seen one. 

We mean, who in their right mind would think about giving their brand a makeover when we’re about to faceplant into an economic nightmare? 

A smart business like yours, of course.

In this short but jam-packed ramble, we’ll run through why investing in your brand ahead of a recession can take you from treading water, to full-on-thriving.



The purse strings are about to tighten

Shall we do each other a favour and not talk about fuel prices? What we will say, though, is that we know what’s coming – outrageous prices hikes and shrinking budgets.


We kinda have to be more careful with the pennies. 

Nightly trips to the local for a quick one and twice-weekly Deliveroo orders might have to take a backseat for now. 

And for businesses across the board, that can only mean one thing: revenue is about to plummet. 

Clients are going to be saving cash wherever they can, and if your brand falls into the “meh, I’m not that bothered” category, things could turn very nasty, very quickly. 

Our point is:
risk-taking shrinks to almost zero when times are tough. People simply can’t afford – nor do they want – to take a punt. 

We want predictable results, from a brand we trust, and taking a chance on something new can wait for another day. Y’ know, when bread doesn’t cost the same as a flight to Paris.


Risk it for a biscuit? No thank you.  

You need a new car. Just at the wrong bloomin’ time, your trusty Ford Focus can’t carry on – her time is up. 

There’s a nice looking new dealership in town, but is now the right time to test out the new guys? You’ve heard good things, but…

Wouldn’t it be safer to stick to the garage that sold you the Focus that’s done you so well? 

Yep, maybe we’ll try the new dealership when this one conks out. For now, let’s stick to what we know and love. 

Let’s stick with the guys and girls we know we can rely on.  

It doesn’t matter whether you sell tyres, tomatoes or tea – people will naturally gravitate towards brands they trust when the chips are down. 

And unfortunately, the chips are on the floor. Covered in fluff. (What IS that?)

Our advice (we know, we know – you didn’t ask) is to become the brand that people buy from – regardless of what’s happening with the economy. 

Some brands are recession proof – is yours? 

Rebranding isn’t changing your slogan, a new company logo or an updated colour scheme on your website. 

Well, it can be – but it’s so much more than that.  

It’s how you’re viewed by the world, and it’s your reputation. 

It’s your message to your client, and it’s the promises you make and keep.

It’s who you are and what you bring to the table.

Get these things right, and you, my friend, are absolutely laughing – recession or not. 


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