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As an artist, I love to watch my drawings spread to the world. I’m not keen on people to pay attention to me, but I want people to enjoy my drawings. So Pinterest is a great tool for me. if someone visit my boards on Pinterest, they may save my pins from my boards. Then other people save the same pins from saved boards again again and again… then my drawings spread endless loop.

I run some social media accounts as an illustrator (FB, Instagram, Twitter, Vero & Pinterest), but I don’t want to look after them all the time. So, I’ve been focusing on Instagram only and setup auto publish to the rest of social media. When I publish my drawing on Instagram, then it’s also published on FB, Twitter and Pinterest automatically without any effort.

So, I haven’t checked my Pinterest account for long time. I just relied on the auto publish app. One day recently I received an email from Pinterest, told me that my drawings are getting avg. 26k per month! (29k in August) In the beginning I thought this is some kind of catch, so I checked analytics, then WTF! my drawings are really viewed more than 20k at least every month, and monthly engaging is increased more and more!

I immediately regret I haven’t paid attention to Pinterest for long time. And realised that how exciting to see analytics! I’m addicted to see my website’s Google Analytics, Instagram insight view and now Pinterest analytics.

If you are an artist, or you run a business and want to spread your work to the world faster, I recommend you to start or pay more attention to your Pinterest account! Not only Google analytics is the SEO tool, social media will help your business to grow in big time. Interested? Feel free to pop in and visit our Edinburgh design agency or contact us, we love to chat about digital marketing with you!