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With schools going back in August and all the wee jobs and routine that that brings the boys, dad, and me off to Arran for a relaxing weekend. What a beautiful place and also the perfect place for slightly harassed parents to take some time out. We stayed in a yurt, cooked over a campfire and fell asleep before 9:30pm. I know, what lightweights, but it was fab. If you need a wee break, check this place out www.runacharainn.com — which is made even better by the absence of mobile phone coverage.

And, is it just me or does everyone think that toadstools only existed in fairy tales? Well apparently they are real!!!

It’s a great place for walking and day one took us along a beach to King’s Caves where Robert the Bruce is rumoured to have befriended a spider. We ended up in Blackwaterfoot and were treated to a group of fiddlers performing Scottish tunes, and then a giant jelly fish on the beach.

Another wee walk up a hill on Sunday and then back to our boys, who we missed too much to be away from for more than two nights. They were fine having been completely spoilt by their grandparents.