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Earlier this week, I enjoyed a free consultation from an agency expert. The caveat was, in return for that free advice,  the option to make a donation to her chosen charity.

Such a simple idea, yet so effective. I’m compelled to do the same and pay it forward.

Part our mission as an agency is to ‘do good by making our clients look great’.

With that in mind, I’ll be providing 30 minute mini marketing consultations* for the duration of this lockdown and invite a discretionary donation to my charity, Kids Love Clothes.

Right now, there are thousands of strugging families across the Lothians, with children living in poverty. Parents are having to choose whether to get their kid a warm coat or to feed them breakfast. That is a choice no parent should have to ever make. 

I want to help business owners to market their enterprises as effectively as possible, to enable them to employ more people and get back on their feet. 

You and me can look at quick wins on one of the following:
– marketing strategy
– defining personas
– branding
– how to maximise your website
– content creation
– useful resources 

 Grab a cuppa and book in your personal chat with me here: https://meetings.hubspot.com/julie141

(Donation idea stolen with pride from the inspiring Lucy Mann of Gunpowder).

*sessions are limited to one per company

About Kids Love Clothes:
We give a wardrobe’s worth of quality, donated clothes to every child in the EH postcode area who needs it, in the form of giftbags. We are run entirely by fantastic volunteers.

Kids Love Clothes seeks to alleviate any financial burden of clothing kids by collecting in quality donated clothes from families who no longer need them and give them to families who do.

Visit https://www.kidsloveclothes.co.uk/