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Last week I had a Very Important Meeting.

I’m not meaning the coaching sesh with our award-winning business coach. Nor the catch-up with a lovely former client. Or the review with a long-standing client. Not even the enthusiastic meetings with new, intriguing prospects (all of which of course are hugely important!)

No, this meeting was by far and away the most fun. It was with nine 8 year old boys. I felt an irrational weight of responsibility that this wee group of eager boys’ first introduction to the magical world of enterprise was via ME. Added to that, one little lad is my eldest son, so I had the pressure of Not Embarrassing Him in front of his mates (yes – apparently, this starts at 8! Nae hugging. Or ruffling hair. Don’t even THINK about a kiss on the cheek in public.)

Anyway, that 1 hour, the first of only 4 across 4 weeks of our new wee club, flew past. It was intense, silly, creative and educational (to me!) Now, I’m no teacher, so once again, I doff my proverbial bunnet to those who teach, day in day out. That’s a tough but rewarding gig.

In order to keep things simple, we’ve decided to set up a tuck shop. Of course!

There will be 3 stalls – two selling tuck goodies and one selling drinks. Each stall has a team of 3 and each lad has a responsibility in their team: Finance, Sales & Marketing, and Operations.

The cockles of my heart were warmed when, my minipreneurs, completely unprompted, discussed between them wanting to:

  • include fruit as well as sweets as a healthy choice (conscientious)
  • give some of their profit back to the school (young active citizens, community-focussed)
  • not include lollipops as it’s dangerous when running round the playground (health and safety)
  • spreading the profits evenly among each of them (share the wealth)

I can’t wait to see what they come up with next week as their marketing strategy. (Scampi Nik Naks, anyone?)