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Steven celebrated his 40th Birthday last week. They used to say that life began at forty and it was the classic age for the fabled midlife crisis. But since Jules is already having one, I guess Steven is to be denied this pleasure too.

Back in those days, people tended to marry younger and have kids in their twenties, making forty seem an appropriate age for a chap to rekindle his youth. Out went the family Ford Sierra and in came the shiny red Porsche 944 and a sudden and inappropriate attempt to wear up-to-date fashions.

Unfortunately, for Steven a funky red Porsche was not on the cards, as these days forty-year-old men tend to have young children and thus no money, leaving them to suffer in family cars for at least another 15 years before they can make a decent fist of a midlife crisis.

Well, Steven may not have the time or the income to have a midlife crisis, but he is reliving his youth, thanks to receiving the best birthday present since he got a Raleigh Burner BMX in 1984.

He was delighted to get a Lego Mini Cooper! What an amazingly detailed kit it is too. It took about 4 hours to build, which is no doubt far longer than a young man could achieve, but now that he’s over-the-hill, he’s in no rush. It was very enjoyable to savour the build and relish the clever design solutions utilised to make plastic blocks form a reasonable representation of the iconic Mini.

Steven really can’t recommend this Lego Mini Cooper set enough. Just don’t let those pesky kids play with it!