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8 Sep

Diggers, bikes and bathrooms

  • By: Julie
  • Posted: Thursday 8th September 2016

August is a busy time in the DT household as 3 out of the 4 residents celebrate birthdays. The younger members of the house think nothing of requesting some crazily-shaped cake to go with whatever theme it is that year. (F, who was turning 4, loves diggers. As in, really loves them). This year's request: a digger cake, obvs. I managed to shirk this particular cake-making duty in, frankly, genius fashion (if I do say so myself) by buying a chocolate cake and, er, shoving a bulldozer through it. Cue one delighted 4 year old, and no sick friends due to Mummy's usually pretty rubbish baking (banana flapjacks, anyone?!).

Keeping with the vehicle theme, we visited the Ignition Festival in Glasgow a few weeks ago. All sorts of cars, trucks and bikes were on display, plus a track running round the buildings. David Coulthard and other well-kent faces were among the crowd. Personally, I liked the Merc stand and the bikes but, probably to the relief of their owners, no keys were in the engine...


In other news, the shower has given up the ghost and a new bathroom is imminent. The peach suite will be no more! The floral shower curtain has faced the, er, final curtain! The carpet (yes, carpet, in a bathroom, whyohwhyohwhy) is being turfed. I'd post a photo of the current room but no-one needs to see that...

Tune in next time for the next installment of Bathroom Nightmares!