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26 Feb

Run Forrest, run!

  • By: Julie
  • Posted: Friday 26th February 2016

Julie has been lamppost shuffling, which is her attempt at training for the Edinburgh Marathon. But! Before y'all think she's channelling her inner Mo, it's actually as part of the JCI Scotland relay team. Which, in a way, is worse as there's then three other folk she can't let down...
Meantime, Julie has gone over to the Dark Side (aka finally got herself an iPhone) and also embraced Instagram. To the point of obsession. So many crazy people to follow, and get inspired by! Sooo many shiny filters to make one's own photos look semi decent. And so many avocado-on-toast pics to be taken! Ok, maybe not that last one, as there's only so many pictures of other people's breakfasts one person can ogle before it gets really boring.