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I got a lovely visit from Paul Scharf of G.F Smith – paper salesman extraordinaire – who brought me lots of goodies! This is very exciting stuff for a graphic designer in Edinburgh!

Among the highlights was ‘Extract’ – their new paper range made out of recycled paper cups. Partnered with CupCycling they developed a new technology that removes the plastic lining from the cups and transforms them into beautiful sheets of paper. Great to see such an influential company leading the way to make the industry more environmentally friendly!

Another favourite was the programme from the ‘Paper City’ exhibition they put on for Hull – City of Culture. Hull is G.F. Smith’s hometown, so they curated an exhibition where artists were invited to create installations using G.F Smith’s iconic Colorplan paper – with fascinating results. Gutted I missed this one but you can check it out here.

I was especially inspired by their ‘Gmund Urban’ range, which has a range of textures and embossings influenced by architecture, including paper infused with cement! I would love to design something using this paper!!

I also got the latest edition of Typographic Circle’s Circular magazine (all printed on G.F Smith paper of course)!

As always G.F Smith are pushing the boundaries of production and creativity and inspiring designers to create awesome work using their paper! SO… who’s got a project for me that requires fancy paper stock?