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Strong brand identities aren’t just for the Apples and Nikes of the world.
A well-thought through brand identity will position YOUR company in the mind of your ideal client.
Not only will your business look and sound good, your team will feel proud and your clients will want to do business with YOU.
Follow our proven rebranding process and you’ll find your spark again in no time.

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Define your values

Businesses change and so do values. When it comes to brand identities, it’s essential to define your organisation’s values.

If you haven’t defined your brand values, then you aren’t ready yet to design a brand identity. Even if you are an established organisation looking to rebrand, we recommend you review  your values and check that they’re still current.

We’ve developed a handy brand audit questionnaire to help you identify where the gaps are.

For a more indepth review of your branding, you can book a brand workshop with us.

This fun half-day program can really help to engage your team to define your vision and brand values. 

It works best done in person, and offsite. We can book a space that best suits the size of team. Workshops work well with 4 – 12 people.

Who are you trying to appeal to?

If you’re happy with your brand values, it’s worth making sure you know who your ideal audience are.

When you make most of your profit from young professional females, then it’s worth making sure your tone of voice and image appeal to them.

Look out as much marketing information as you can, so you can make educated decisions about who to appeal to and what they might find appealing. We don’t just make this stuff up you know!

Your brand script

With your brand values and audience defined, it’s essential to work out how you communicate those values to them. What is it that makes you special and different to your competition?

We can help you work out a brand script that can underpin all of your communications, ensuring consistency of message and tone of voice, wherever you are communicating. 

Designing your logo

Once you’re comfortable with your brand values, you’ve defined your ideal audience and you’ve thought about what you want to tell them, it’s time to look at your logo.

No, really DO look at your existing logo. Does it convey your values? Is blue a warm colour? Will a black square make you seem friendly and approachable? Can hearing-aid beige appeal to millennial males?

If your logo is mismatched with your values, then it is time for a change. Let 39steps do the research and create a new brand identity that matches those values and appeals to the people you want.

Presenting the concepts

This is the sexy bit – showing you our ideas! We present your potential new brand identities and will talk through our rationale behind each idea.

Our presentation will be more visually based at this stage and include the proposed logo, colours and potential usages as a guide.

Your feedback then steers the next stage, where we develop an idea further towards your final brand identity. This stage will include more around the tone of voice and wider branding implications. Exciting!

You might find it useful to have a mini focus group of 2-3 trusted people. Afterall, you will be making an important decision.

Applying the brand

Once you’ve chosen the logo design, we can develop a set of brand guidelines to make sure your organisation is always presented in the most compelling way.

Depending on the size and complexity of your organisationwill determine the size of guideline you need. Some brand identities require a full-on coffee table book and others? A quick guide will be just fine.

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When should you consider rebranding?

Is the threat of a recession making you realise your brand needs to work harder to stand out from the crowd? Are you facing new competition so it’s time to ‘up your game’? Does your brand no longer reflect the direction and values of your business? And so isn’t attracting the clients you want to work with?

These are just a few reason’s you might consider rebranding. Learn more about reasons to rebrand or not

There’s a lot to think about but here’s 7 signs it could be time to rebrand your business.

How much does rebranding cost?

We can get you started with a new brand tailored to your business. Take a look at our brand bundles to see what’s included.

How do I use my new logo?
With our brand guidelines documents we demonstrate how to use your logo on various applications and recommend fonts and colours to compliment it’s use.
How do I know what will appeal to my target audience?
We can glean a lot from some very basic research and if you need proof then we would recommend organising a focus group for a little added reassurance.
I don’t know what our values are. Can you help us define them?
Yes we can. Why not talk to us about our brand workshops? The perfect way to get to the bottom of what makes your organisation tick!

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