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Digital marketing

You might have a brilliant website, with great content, engaging images and strong calls-to-action but if nobody knows it’s there, how can they visit?

With so many online channels, letting people know about your products and services can seem bamboozling. Fear not, we have a solution!

We’ve learned that digital marketing is an ongoing process, needing commitment and monitoring to get great results. We can help you plan your marketing strategy, work on your SEO and design beautiful email marketing templates.

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Content strategy and marketing

Content is your message, which often includes or is a variant of, your value proposition. Generating content which can be shared in various formats is the basis of content marketing.

We can help you generate the right content, in the right format to appeal to your ideal customer. We’ll plan out which topic and format is right for each stage in the buyer’s journey.

You might even find you already have some great content. We can help you audit what you already have. By organising your content by journey stage, type and category, you can easily identify gaps and work out what content needs reformatted to suit different channels.

Social media

The advent of social media has completely changed the marketing landscape. No longer do you tell customers what your brand is, they tell you. Brands need to be part of the conversation.

The benefit of social media is the ability to target very specific demographics and to build and reach a large audience relatively easily and with minimal advertising cost.

If you’re going to use social media successfully, you need a plan. Using it without planning can even damage your business.

We can help you choose the best social media channels to reach your ideal customers and advise on social media advertising, remarketing campaigns, and choosing the right content and medium.

Search engine optimisation

Here’s why search engine optimisation is important. According to a 2014 study, only 5.6% of clicks are on results beyond the first page, so most people never make it beyond page 1. Even more importantly though, the top 3 organic results get over 50% of the traffic!

In Search Engine Optimization we focus on changes we can make to your website design, content and link structure that will improve your site’s visibility in search engines’ unpaid, or organic, search results.

Search engine marketing

Sometimes, the time, effort and cost of gaining top organic search results is simply not justifiable, particularly when competition is very strong for the required search term.

That’s when we would recommend paying for prominent search engine results in combination with search engine optimisation. We recommend Google AdWords when you want to generate targeted traffic quickly, or when the search term you want to be found for has high competition.

Display advertising

Display advertising refers to image-rich and video adverts you see on digital platforms. One of the best display ad solutions comes from Google AdWords. Google’s display network allows your advert to be viewed on the pages of online publishers, from video adverts on YouTube to display adverts in blogs or journals – making sure your message is seen.

We can help you set your objective, plan your advertising budget, target your campaign, create your advert, then measure the results and optimize.

Email marketing

Email marketing can be very powerful in the latter stages of a buyer’s journey.

For example, a strong campaign might attempt to gain email subscribers by giving away valuable content at the right stage in their journey.

Once you have an interested party’s email address and they have opted-in to be marketed to via email, then you can build a campaign tailored towards driving a sale.

Email marketing is also a powerful tool for retaining customers and informing them of products and services that may be of interest to them.

We can help you with email templates, content and planning.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a very powerful platform that can help you to understand and track how users interact with your website.

We use it to help you understand your audience, how they found your site, their behaviour once they arrived and whether they took an action.

Feedback from analytics can inform changes to your website structure and content, campaigns and advertising. If you have a KPI for a campaign, then Google Analytics is where we will track the result.

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