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Steven is delighted to have Clarkson, Hammond, and May back on his television. He has deeply missed the antics of the three plonkers, since the main plonker plunged his fist into his producer’s, er, fisog.

Let’s be frank, Netflix has an infinitely better range of entertainment than Amazon Prime. From House of Cards to The Crown, there are loads of great box sets but fewer great movies available.

Until The Grand Tour started, the only thing the Thomsons watched on Amazon was the vaguely historical Jock-romp, Outlander, which was moderately entertaining for the first series, but they’ve since lost interest. Not enough sauce!

The first 3 episodes of The Grand Tour have been excellent, and hopefully it can only improve. Steven particularly enjoyed the unfortunate demise of the celeb guests before they had reached the studi… er, tent. Less inane celebrity chit-chat makes for a happy Steven.

Top Gear is dead; long live The Grand Tour!