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Etive is a civil and structural engineering design consultancy, growing fast.

10 years on from Day One, the team there felt it was high time their brand identity matched the quality of their service (which is pretty high, btw).

Trouble was, with no clear guidelines to follow, no defining position and no distinct tone of voice, the team were wasting time and mental energy recreating the wheel every time they went to create a bid for a project.

Not good for productivity.

So, we helped the team to unearth what makes them special, and nail a position they can occupy, own and grow market share in.

How we helped Etive:

  • Garnered client feedback and insights 
  • Defined a brand position + messaging
  • Refreshed the existing brand identity and created clear usage guidelines
  • Designed a practical set of on-brand templates
  • Designed the ‘10th birthday’ material

A strong look and feel, coupled with a defined brand message boosts credibility and puts them ahead of the competition.

Now, the in-house team can confidently, quickly and easily create on-brand documents that look great and consistent. Less time faffing about trying to create a good-looking document and more time doing the stuff that makes them money. 

“From the outset Julie and the team at 39steps were quickly able to identify and understand our company needs, steering us on the right track in developing our brand identity and the essence of Etive.  The friendly, creative, collaborative, and professional approach taken by 39steps has resulted in a refreshed and vibrant brand identity for Etive, which we can be proud of and are excited to showcase. The work undertaken sets us on the right path through the next 10 years of business and beyond.
Thank you 39steps.”

John Chapman, Director

Looking forward to watching the roll-out of the new toolkit and tone-of-voice over the coming months.

The future’s bright. The future’s red oxide!