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Where should you market?

By Hamish Phillips (16 yo)

Good advertisement is key to a successful business , however advertisement is changing and if you care about the survivability of your business you have to change with it.That’s why at 39 steps we firmly believe the best investment you will ever make into your business is a strong social media presence. Tiktok, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.These platforms are extremely popular with a new generation of your potential clients. They allow them to learn and be captivated by your business in just 10-30 seconds. Marketing is Media and that understanding is what separates the In from the Out. For example in the UK there are 57.6 million recorded social media users which shows how influential your business could be. Another statistic found states 79% of Brits age 16-24 use social media as their news source, this shows trust and a sense of security that this age demographic feel towards social media and you should too. Invest in your business by investing in social.

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The importance of efficiency

*Scroll, *scroll , *scroll *scroll. Tiktok , instagram and *scroll Twitter all have something in *scroll common- they all have the scroll feature which means we are getting little pieces of simple and easy to read information *scroll in seconds. This kills the desire to read longer and more complex text. Using “scroll” in my passages emphasises the experience of a social media interaction and highlights how quickly you need to grasp someone’s attention with bold and intriguing information. You have to be colourful, interesting,appealing and completely captivating of someone’s attention to succeed. Your business realistically has a maximum of 10 seconds to make someone invested with your product. If not they might move onto the next post to completely forget about your brand with a single effortless scroll. A recent study has shown that a human’s attention span is just only 8 seconds. This means you have to be sharp, efficient and snappy when you represent your company online.


How colour affects your marketing

Colour is a huge factor when it comes to advertising and marketing as choosing the right Or wrong colour scheme is a make or break result for your business . You need your product to stand out and radiate with life. This is so younger generations will feel more inclined to interact with your ad and find out more. You however also need to take into consideration if those colours are compatible with your brand and represent what you’re trying to represent. In conclusion young adults and teens are more receptive to brighter colours and may take a greater interest in what service or product you are trying to sell. To highlight the importance of the appropriate and correct use of colour a study has taken place. This case study shows on social media 90% of people’s first impressions of your ad are purely based on the colour scheme you decide to use. So when posting online think about the colour when presenting your pallet.


The importance of the correct use of language

One final tip I can give for your company to allow itself to thrive in this new modern world is when targeting audiences such as teens and young adults , use language that they will respond to and receive well. This could mean shorter and more intriguing messages , because nobody wants to sit through loads of text when an ad comes up on their feed for a product. Avoid using overly intellectual or niche words as the best way forward is simple. You want someone to enjoy reading about your business or product and not feel like they are sitting back in school on a Monday morning doing an English lesson. You need to be exciting and bubbly with your language, people need to feel like you care. Try to be as simple and impactful as possible. That’s my advice. People also need to feel an emotional connection to your business.One way would be to try and present a relatable scenario and build your advertisement off that. This means that your target audience is more likely to interact with the information you are presenting to them.

Hamish Phillips (16 yo)