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‘Working with 39steps creative agency was an absolute dream… every member of the project team was impressive, knowledgeable and friendly. Creating a brand identity that successfully expressed the vision and goals of the business AND took into account the thoughts of 80+ people was no small feat. Hardwork paid off and we’ve a website and brand that everyone in the business is delighted with!’

Peter Jeffrey, Marketing Manager


Narro Associates  are one of Scotland’s largest employee-owned engineering consultancies.

Known for 36 years as David Narro Associates (DNA), the business is expanding across Scotland and the UK. 
With growth in mind, the team felt it was time to update the brand to better reflect the team, services and vision of the business as it is now.

DNA’s challenge was:
– how do we move on to reflect the size we are NOW, attract new clients and talent and not scare off our existing ones?’

…and that, in a nutshell, was the crux of the problem.

Enter 39steps Stage Left.


Why Narro?
We wanted to preserve the legacy of the founder, David Narro, and the simplified ‘Narro’ name does just that. It also provides consistency for the business’ clients and partners.

Brand colour
There’s no need to through the baby out with the bathwater, as they say. While we explored other potential colour palettes, the Narro team realised they were actually quite attached to the existing teal shade – very different from any competition.

As part of keeping a nod to the legacy, we adopted the existing teal and added a supporting palette with tints and greys.

Narro wanted to convey strength with finesse. We chose a typeface that suggests that strength and confidence, and altered the spacing and made it unique to Narro.

The humble triangle is THE strongest shape – just check out the Pyramids. Using a triangle gives the marque dynamism, highlights the importance of structural design in engineering and is a great brand asset to pull out and use across collateral.

Tone of Voice
Narro has a few key personas within their target audience who require information in a specific way. We addressed this by drafting a useful Tone of Voice guide that helps the in-house team to write messages and copy to a given audience in a way that the audience will engage with and reflects Narro well. And, doesn’t sound like every other engineering practice out there…

We created a robust set of brand guidelines to take the guess work out of creating documents and ensure each and every one is on brand. There’s a template suite too for a variety of uses. We’ve empowered the team to be able to create their own, on-brand, great-looking bid and tender docs – confidently and consistently. For the marketing team, creating social posts are a doddle.



Narro needed a new site to better showcase the array of projects worked on and services the practice offers.

As well as a key promotional tool for prospects, Narro understands that in order to be an employer of choice, it’s important to show potential new team members and students an idea of what Narro stands for. There’s a whole new section dedicated to just that, with friendly and approachable team photos to show the people behind the projects.

Copy was key here – Narro has several key personas to speak to and our well-worded text helps those potential buyers to get a good sense of who Narro and how they can help them specifically.

We commissioned drone footage of places Narro has worked on. This helps to give a sense of scale of projects the team are capable of working on. Plus, it looks great, whether viewed on a small or large screen.

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