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‘Leaders in Lockdown’ looks at how some of the world’s brightest business leaders dealt with this most unique of situations to affect a generation.

A former senior exec with the BBC, and now C-Suite coach, our client Atholl Duncan had unprecedented access to business people, from all walks of life. He interviewed 28 leaders during the first 100 days of lockdown. collating their stories, lightbulb moments, frustrations and revelations.

Covering 7 major themes:

  1. The new age of purpose
  2. The new world of work
  3. Tackling inequality
  4. Global cooperation
  5. Resilience
  6. Resetting the supply chain
  7. Maximizing the potential of your people

As we find ourselves in the potential yo-yo situation of being in lockdown one minute, out the next and back again, it’s important to stay positive where we can. Who knows how long this will continue? Leaders in Lockdown is about creating a movement for change and sharing insights.

A motivating read for all business owners, looking for inspiration during and beyond this strangest of years!