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Sniffer is an Edinburgh-based charity that specialises in delivering research and evidence-based solutions to the challenges of climate change. They bring together partners to share good practice, analyse evidence, commission new studies, and target communications, guidance and training.

Sniffer needed a content-managed site that had a logical architecture to effectively present and promote their areas of work. The site needed to be easily editable and provide a friendly and approachable, but still professional, online presence for the charity.

We worked with the Sniffer team to develop an effective information architecture that brought together the three fundamental levels of work at Sniffer – knowledge hubs, work topics and individual projects. To maintain a coherent separation between these levels, we developed a suite of illustrations, coupled with colour-coding for each knowledge hub. This gives users subtle but effective visual cues as to their location in the site’s large hierarchy of pages. The site as a whole follows a flat-colour, ‘infographic’-like feel which gives the site a modern feel that’ll feel fresh for a long time to come.

We have since worked with Sniffer on design and production of Climate Xchange material and publications.